Holiday Detector
Associate Electronics

offers 3 Models of Holiday Detector with advanced Technology. .................

Jeep Meter

Associate Electronics

offers of Jeep Meter with advanced Technology......

Spark Tester
Associate Electronics

offers Spark Tester to test any defect in the Rubber lining, FRP coating and other insulated coatings. .........

Pinhole Detector

Associate Electronics

pioneers in manufacturing Pinhole Detector with advanced Technology.....




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Few Words About Us


  • Company History:
Associate Electronics was established in 1992 by Mr. Harshadkumar J. Vora at Vadodara, Gujarat, India. Business was started in the field of   maintenance for the professional high tech Industrial instruments & control equipment.
  • Present work:
The company is manufacturing state of the art high tech Testing Instruments which are used in the Petro-chemical Industry for various Pipeline installation inspection & maintenance job.

Product & Services:

  • Product:
  1. Holiday Detector
  2. Pinhole Detector
  3. Spark Tester
  4. Jeep Meter
  • Services:
  1. We provide service of our product.
  2. We also support other similar product.
  • Business competitiveness:
The company’s  product is outcome of 15 years designing experience in the professional instrument manufacturing using computer aided designing & simulation with high grade quality components to remain operational in all the climatic condition.
  • Quality Policy:
We are rigorously following International Quality Management Standards ISO 9001:2015 to meet the product reliability.


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